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May The Force (of Static Electricity) Be with You

A Star Wars themed science exploration where we'll learn to use The Force (of Static Electricity) to levitate and repel objects, power light tubes, propel spacecraft, generate lightening, and more! There'll be lots of opportunities for padawans to perform Jedi tricks themselves.

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Home Computing 1965: before the Microchip

Programming and gaming like you've never seen them! Visit the nearly lost era of analog, hard-wired, and mechanical computing and experience first hand how the founders and builders of the modern digital revolution learned about programming and played with computers at home.

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When Slide Rules Ruled: A History & Primer in Use

You've seen Slide Rules in movies and museums, and now here's your chance to learn about their history and actually how to use them. There will be hands-on activities that help you visualize how numbers work and an environment designed for beginners and those who never thought they could do math before.

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Fly Me to the Moon: The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The greatest achievement of engineering and science in human history ...  and you missed it! Here's your chance to experience  what it was like for the 8 days from July 16-24, 1969 while three astronauts did what cultures around the Earth had dreamed of for millennia - travel to the moon and back. 

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Space 1889: Journey to the Moon

Baron von Vaderstein is piloting a recently unearthed alien spacecraft to its ancient point of origin - the Moon! Her Majesty’s Extraordinary Adventurers have a twin spacecraft, but have no idea how to use its mechanical computer brain. Join the Adventurers in a race to master the Mechabrain and  beat the Baron to the Moon!

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Marble-ous Machines: Ingenious Marble Computers

See computing and gaming in a whole new way by getting hands-on time with marble-driven computers, calculators, and logic games. You'll learn about binary math, get a rare glimpse into what actually happens inside computer circuits, and create arithmetic and logic programs to solve problems ... all with marbles!

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Automata: Simple Machines Mimicking Life

Introduction to the nearly lost history, art, and science behind clockwork toys that mimic animal and human life. Learn the basic mechanisms of automata, trace their evolution from the Renaissance to the digital era, and have hands-on time exploring automata models.

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Difference Engines: Mechanical Brains

Before the digital era, engineers and tradespeople built elegant engines of logic to aid in their calculations. Visit a world where bones, beads, and cogs are the cutting edge of computation. Lots of hands-on time with antique computing machines and artifacts awaits!

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Cyber-security may be a buzz-word of the 21st century, but the art of keeping information secret goes back thousands of years. We'll learn about famous (and infamous) encryption systems and practice encrypting, sending, receiving, and decrypting messages using vintage tools and methods.

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Light, Optics & Color: What's in a Rainbow?

Light travels 93 million miles from our sun to reach us; the least we can do is study it! Demonstrations and hands-on opportunities will allow us to explore the origins and operations of light in everything from its optical gymnastics in mirrors and lenses to proving its dual state as a particle and a wave. 

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Art & History of Computing

A panoramic view of computing starting with a 20,000 year old baboon fibula and ending with Quantum computing. We'll cover the major developments and innovations in the world of computing and have lots of hands-on activities with vintage computing machines and artifacts. 

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Steampunk Writing Workshop

Explore Steampunk’s always fantastic, often humorous, and occasionally disturbing world of retro-futurism, speculative science fiction, and the Victorian era. Learn what it takes to become a paleo-futurist writer, how to approach the 'punk' in Steampunk, and how to use character and worldbuilding labs that drive creativity.

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Doctor Who Writing Workshop

Explore the Whoniverse and learn the secrets behind writing a great Doctor Who story while also engaging in character and worldbuilding labs that will drive your creativity, populate your universe, and leave you ready to take on the literary time-space continum. Alons-y! 

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SOL: A Solar System Journey

Explore our sun SOL and discover that despite being "in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Galaxy," the mysteries and magic of our Solar System, Earth, and Moon are far from "unregarded." Join us as we chart an arc of observing and learning across our sky. 

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Geosphere 1889: Journey through The Rock Cycle

Baron von Vaderstein is building a ship to burrow into the Earth's crust to learn about the types of rock in the lithosphere and the processes of the Rock Cycle. Her Majesty's Extraordinary Adventurers must beat him to the punch by building their own 'Iron Mole' to uncover the geological secrets of the Earth first!

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Mars Lander Challenge

You're an engineer on a team responsible for designing a lander that will deliver an astronaut to the surface of Mars. You'll have materials, schedules, deadlines, budgets, and the challenges of the Martian atmosphere to contend with. Can you do it? Of  course you can! Join us for the science and the fun.

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