STEMpunk™ sparks the imaginations of artists and engineers alike through Programs that are engaging and distinctive.

Edison's Workshop - STEMpunk

What is STEMpunk?

STEMpunk, the design style of STEMpunkED, is a collection of innovative and interactive STEM+Arts & Humanities Programs whose designs map to State Common Core standards and whose themes borrow from the Steampunk literary genre. Our offerings explore Science, History, Social Studies, Language Arts, and the analog roots of our digital era to show how the past's technological and social structures underpin our modern world. The question that usually follows at this point is ...

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a brand of retro-futuristic science fiction that draws on the Victorian era for inspiration. Its narratives employ social critiques and its story lines embody the question, "What would the past look like if aspects of the future happened in the past?STEMpunk is a wordplay describing our STEM+Arts focus paired with Steampunk themes. Though not all of our Programs are Steampunk related, all do exhibit the genre's hallmarks of playfulness and fluid boundaries.

Space 1889 - Olympus Mons - STEMpunk

Why STEMpunk?

Emphasis on cutting-edge technology in education overlooks how valuable some of the nearly forgotten retro-tech of yesteryear can be in helping  students (and their teachers) engage with and even innovate in STEM+Arts & Humanities topics. STEMpunk's hands-on exploration of analog computing equipment and science artifacts from the 15th to early 20th centuries helps students not only master key STEM concepts, but also appreciate their historical and social contexts and evolution.

Booking STEMpunk

If after exploring our Programs you 'd like to ask a library, museum, school, or other group to host a STEMpunk offering, download our Introducing STEMpunk flyer then visit the Programs page and download a Program Description/Common Core Map (links and under the descriptions and on the individual Program Details pages). Submit the flyer and descriptions to an organization's programming coordinator along with your request. Or just Contact Us.

Funding Options

If you're an educator looking for ways to pay for STEMpunk programming in your classroom or school, please take some time to explore potential Funding Options that can bring our unique hands-on learning experiences to your students at little or no cost to you or your school.

Your Programming

Not only do we create our own programming, we work with you to design and deliver STEMpunk programs based on your topics. Contact us to see how we can Partner for success. View our Programs to see past inspirations and collaborations or visit Testimonials to learn what others say about working with us. You can also find out Who We Are or preview future Projects.

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