STEMpunk™ engages students in STEM and writing education by crafting imaginative, multi-disciplinary, and multi-modal learning experiences that spark ingenuity, creativity, and awareness in the minds of budding artists and engineers alike.

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As a former Instructional Designer in both higher education and the Fortune 500, and as a current full-time father, I am using my skills to improve children's experience and mastery of STEM and writing topics by providing interactive and interdisciplinary learning experiences that are based in classic and modern popular culture with an emphasis on Steampunk. 

Edison's Workshop

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a pop culture genre of speculative science fiction that draws primarily from the Victorian era, but re-imagines that era in the form of alternate histories and/or futures. STEMpunk is an intentional and trademarked derivative of Steampunk that describes both my STEM educational focus and my penchant for Steampunk flourishes. 

Steampunk Gears

What Does STEMpunk Do?

STEMpunk offers compelling, entertaining, and interactive workshops on STEM and writing topics as viewed through the lenses of science fiction, humanities, language arts, and popular culture. STEMpunk also explores the social origins, implications, and impacts of technology in the spirit of Steampunk.

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