What our partners say about us.

Please take a moment to review a collection of feedback from some of STEMpunkED's wonderful Partners below. You can also view a video of our program Light, Optics & Color taken and posted by the Pikes Peak Library District.

Mamie Doud Eisenhower Library
- Broomfield, CO

Richard brings innovative and delightful programming to the library every time we partner with him. Working with Richard is relished by the staff and attendees alike. Each time I’ve been fortunate enough to be present for one of his programs I find myself as drawn in and mesmerized as are the attendees to which he presents. Richard’s passion for every program subject he proposes instills that same thirst for knowledge in all who are lucky enough to attend.

Pauline Noomnam, Teenzone Librarian


Lafayette Community Library
- Lafayette, CO

Richard was very professional and great with the kids and their parents. He had kids and parents smiling and laughing during the program. We would love to have him back for another program and can’t wait to see what else he comes up with!

Dominique Burns, Children's Programming Librarian


Pikes Peak Library District - Colorado Springs, CO

Richard Blake’s performances show that he is passionate and works very hard to engage, teach, and entertain with the utmost professionalism. Richard incorporated demonstrations, video clips, and educational information and successfully had all of the attendees’ attention the entire presentation.

Alicia Gomori, Children's Programming Librarian


Anythink Libraries, Huron Street
- Thornton, CO

Children, teens and adults were all captivated from start to finish. Richard includes interesting equipment that enhances the program and he engages the audience with discussion and questions making it an interactive experience. Richard was very professional and reliable and I highly recommend his innovative programming.

Shannon Smith, Teaching Librarian


Park Hill Library
- Denver, CO

Richard brought a fun and engaging look at static electricity to the Park Hill Branch Library that delighted kids and parents alike.  Kids were drawn in by the Star Wars theme and loved participating in experiments demonstrating the how static electricity works in the real world-- little did they know, not only were they having fun, they were learning science!  We would look forward to trying out some of his other shows at future dates. 

Monica Washenberger, Librarian


Green Valley Library
- Denver, CO

Richard brought our Star Wars Reads Night to life with his static electricity program! Kids of all ages, and not to mention many adults, had a blast with the hands-on demonstrations. I love that the program is designed to be so much fun all while sneaking in some education! We can't wait to try out some of the other STEMPunkED programs in the future!

Victoria Blepp. Librarian


Anythink Libraries, Wright Farms - Thornton, CO

STEMpunkED provided our library with a showy, engaging, hands-on program that was a great time for everyone involved. The kids in the audience, in particular, were highly entertained but also had the opportunity to learn something in the STEM field. The integration of technology that we don't see every day was something special for customers to experience.

Ivy Moe, Tech Guide


Lyons Regional Public Library
- Lyons, CO

Richard brought the world of Doctor Who alive for patrons and encouraged them to create their own characters in clever and unique ways. Richard’s presentation is a fun and interactive introduction to the world of fan fiction. We received positive feedback from the event, with patrons enjoying the unique topic and interactive aspects of the workshop. We would definitely work with Richard again on another writing or science-based workshop.

McCourt Thomas, Head of Youth Services


Denver Academy
- Denver, CO

I would recommend the Automata Program to any teacher who has been studying simple machines with their class. It was a great way to tie it all together and give a greater context for why this all matters. Richard (Dr. Conundrum) brought in historical components, artistic and scientific applications, and present-day robotics to create a very engaging and meaningful presentation. The hands-on component at the end made the students work hard to apply all that they'd learned. Thanks Richard!

Kyla Pellouchoud, 3rd-4th Grade Team


Singing Hills Elementary
- Elizabeth, CO

Richard made this experience fun for the kids! Each of them left with new knowledge and understanding of what computers are and how they work! His energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter made our "Art and History of Computing" a success for our 3rd - 5th graders!

Susan McMullen, STEM Specialist


Lafayette Elementary
- Lafayette, CO

Richard visited our school in early August with a wonderful opportunity to enhance the 2017 Solar Eclipse experience for our students. Richard’s materials and presentation had the right amount of teacher talk mixed in with student engagement.  During the classroom sessions, Richard was on the floor showing students how the equipment he brought worked to help students understand what they were about to see in the sky. The learning was monumental.  

Julie Marquez, Talented & Gifted Coordinator


Lafayette Elementary
- Lafayette, CO

Richard provided an innovative and exciting workshop for my 1st grade students. This was not something I could have done on my own and his knowledge of the content was extensive and in-depth. He also had a great rapport and manner with the students. He got the kids involved and I'm sure it was an experience they will never forget. I highly recommend this and other programs offered by STEMpunk. What a wonderful resource and way to make science and technology engaging and fun for kids.

Emily Tate, 1st Grade Coordinator


Colorado Railroad Museum
- Golden CO

On behalf of the Colorado Railroad Museum I would like to thank you once again for performing at our annual Steampunk at the Station special event. Your presence as an entertainer and educator really helped to create our festival atmosphere and your program was absolutely wonderful.

Danielle Ghear, Event Manager


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