Richard Blake

About Richard Blake

After 25 years of designing learning experiences for universities as well as major corporations like IBM, Xerox, and Ernst & Young, Richard left the world of full time professional instructional design for the world of full time professional parenting.

As a Stay At Home Father to two wonderful young children, Richard discovered his passion for educating primary and middle school children as well as adults. He also discovered that his lifelong and profound interest in STEM could become more than a rainy day hobby. 

Today he uses his corporate and collegiate experience, as well as his MA in Instructional Design and BA in English & Liberal Arts, to ensure that his children and those around him are not only supported in their STEM, humanities, and language arts interests, but that they are inspired by the science, history, and literature happening all around them at every moment.

STEMpunk began as part of Richard’s volunteer work at his children’s school, both as a general classroom helper and as a STEM advocate. Based on the exceptionally positive response from students, teachers, and administration, he now hopes to make those same innovative (and unusual) learning experiences in History, Science, and Imagination available to all of the hard working educators and learners in his area.

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