Relive History's Greatest Scientific and Engineering Achievement (and the Events that Led Up to It)

A re-creation of the day the Earth stood still as it watched humans walk on the Moon and realize a dream of exploration bridging both cultures and time. Through remastered and previously unseen period video and images we’ll relive the Cold War, the Space Race, the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Projects, and witness the Apollo 11 journey, the Eagle’s landing, and humanity’s first steps onto another world.


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In addition to the multimedia-rich presentation, the program includes several curated displays and dioramas demonstrating the technologies and accomplishments of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Space Programs.

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Please Note: Presentation and class materials are for showcase purposes only and not meant to be used without explicit permission.

LOGISTICS, Fee & Delivery Requirements

Duration: 1.25 hour presentation program  |  Age Range: 8-Adult/Senior  |  Participants: 4-500  |  Cost: Starting at $199 for 1.25 hour  |  Requirements: Video Projector with HDMI port and speakers ; 2 large tables for display, 1 large table for presenter's items ; 0.75 hour setup and breakdown times ; Microphone for larger audiences ; Small Group Add-On Program: STEM 1969: The Technology that Made Apollo (and our Modern World) Possible, 1.0 hour + additional $49 ; additional travel charges may apply. Contact for details.

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“Richard reminded me what it was like to be 10 again and watching the landing with my parents. He brought back so many memories and reminded me why we were in the space race to begin with.”
— Edith S.
“Even my parents weren’t around when [the moon landing] happened, but this presentation made me feel like I know what it was like to be there.”
— Connor R.

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