Feel the Power of The Force
(of Static Electricity)

The Force (of Static Electricity) surrounds us, binds us, and is a whole lot of fun to explore! Come Padawans, learn the secrets of static electricity and join interactive demonstrations on how you can harness its Force to move objects, generate lightning, propel starships, and more. Join me and ‘SH0-K3R’ my 600,000-volt Van de Graaff generator as we show you cool ‘Jedi’ tricks and help you perform more than a few of your own while learning the Physics behind The Force (of Static Electricity)!

Steampunk Version

I also have an entertaining, show-stealing Steampunk version of this program by my nefarious alter ego Doktor Silas Conundrum. If you dare, check out Doktor Conundrum's Electric Imaginarium.


Curious to feel the charged atmosphere for yourself, not to mention get a good jolt of nostalgia for our favorite space opera? 

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Please Note: Presentation and  materials are for showcase purposes only and not meant to be used without explicit permission.

Logistics, Fee & Delivery Requirements

Duration: 2.0 hour interactive program |  Aged: 6/7-Adult/Senior  |  Participants: 4-60  |  Cost: Starting at $299 for 2 hours ($30 additional 1 hour) |  Requirements: Video Projector with HDMI port and speakers ; 2 large tables for presenter's items ; electricity hookup ; 1.0 hour setup and breakdown times ; additional travel charges may apply. Contact for details. | Stage Show Note: For large venues the Van de Graaff Generator requires a 20 amp power source that is on a separate circuit from any audio/visual equipment.

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“You could say that I was ‘shocked’ to discover how much static electricity really is like Jedi powers. I wonder if Lucas knows about this.”
— Monique J.
“This has been my favorite program of the year! The Jedi theme was really cool and it made the science stuff really make sense.”
— Brody L.

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