The Gymnastics of Light in Everyday Objects and Places

This program offers an elegant and fun exploration of what light is, where it comes from, and how it behaves in our world. Demonstrations and hands-on opportunities with lenses, mirrors, light boxes, and lasers will give participants ample opportunity to study and explore the wonders of light reflection, refraction, transmission, and absorption.


Would you like to be enlightened about the unexpected and surprising movements of color and light in both physics and physiology?

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Please Note: Presentation and materials are for showcase purposes only and not meant to be used without explicit permission.

Logistics, Fee & Delivery Requirements

Duration: 2.0 hour interactive program  |  Ages: 8/9-Adult/Senior  |  Participants: 4-30  |  Cost: Starting at $299 for 2 hours ($30 additional 1 hour) |  Requirements: Video Projector with HDMI port and speakers ; 2 large tables for presenter with electricity ; 5 tables for hands-on stations, 2 with electricity ; 1.0 hour setup and breakdown times ; additional travel charges may apply. Contact for details.

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“This program was quite enlightening, you might say. I didn’t realize there was so much physics in a drop of water.”
— Jemma M.
“I loved how you made everything so easy to understand and how you had something we could touch for each of your points.”
— Greg I.

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