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Projects are programs we are working on that either haven't quite solidified or are still a work in progress. Once completed these projects become part of our growing Programs Catalog.


Vintage Video Editing: The Then & Now of media Post-Production

Part demonstration, part hands-on workshop showing how film movies were taken, processed, viewed, and edited along with hands-on experience doing actual editing with a vintage home editing kit. While working with the old-school technology we will simultaneously do the same editing steps with software on a computer for a stark comparison of just how good people have it these days.


Vintage Film Editing - STEMpunk

Drawing Machines: An Intersect of Art & Engineering

Delve into this playful exploration of how artists and engineers have sought to capture the the most human of all activities - Art. Study past and present mechanical attempts to capture the artistic process in the operations of simple and complex machines before building  your own art-making automation.

Drawing Machines: The Unexpected Intersect of Art & Engineering - STEMpunk

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