A History of Secrecy Before the Digital Age

Today's digital security has its roots in physical encryption that dates back at least 2000 years. This program discusses eleven of the classic ciphers starting with the Spartan Scytale of 200 BCE, moving through to the Alberti and Vigenère ciphers of the 14th and 15th centuries, and ending with the German Enigma Machine of World War II. Attendees use vintage ciphers and signal devices to encrypt, send, receive, and decrypt messages.

See my image carousel in the next section for a visual tour of the devices available in this program. 


Want to make or break encryption history's greatest ciphers?

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Ciphers & Signalers COLLECTION

See my hands-on collection of reproduced  historical ciphers as well as my vintage  signaling devices. My program kit includes 2 of each type of cipher, 4 telegraph signalers, 4 flash signalers, and 2 semaphore flags. Click on any photo to learn more about a device. Use the arrows at the left and right to move to different photos or simply allow the photos to scroll automatically.

LOGISTICS, FEE & Delivery Requirements

Duration: 2.0 hour basic -OR- 3.0 hour full program |  Ages: 8/9-Adult/Senior  |  Participants: 4-30  |  Cost: Starting at $299 for 2 hours ($30 additional 1 hour)  |  Requirements: Video Projector with HDMI port and speakers ; 1 large table for presenter's items ; 10 tables with 4 chairs each ; 1.0 hour setup and breakdown times ; additional travel charges may apply. Contact for details.

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“This was great! My friends and I are going to make our own texting app ciphers now!”
— Own G.
“My favorite part was using the old telegraph sets to send and receive messages.”
— Kiaha V.

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