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Projects are programs we are working on that either haven't quite solidified or are still a work in progress. Once completed these projects become part of our growing Programs Catalog.


Vintage Video Editing: The Then & Now of media Post-Production

Part demonstration, part hands-on workshop showing how film movies were taken, processed, viewed, and edited along with hands-on experience doing actual editing with a vintage home editing kit. While working with the old-school technology we will simultaneously do the same editing steps with software on a computer for a stark comparison of just how good people have it these days.


Vintage Film Editing - STEMpunk

Simple Machines: Compound Constructions, Humorous Combinations 

The oldest and simplest components behind even the most complex mechanical machines are: Wheels, Axles, Inclined Planes, Levers, Pulleys, and Screws. Like all machines, at their heart they use mechanical advantage to multiply force to do work. They also happen to be the building blocks of the brilliant designs of Rube Goldberg, master of needlessly complex, light-hearted contraptions that accomplish the silliest of tasks. We'll learn how to analyze and construct our own simple and compound machines from cardboard and other basic materials and then combine them into our own Rube Goldberg designs.

Simple Machines: Compound Constructions & Humorous Combinations - STEMpunk

Drawing Machines: An Intersect of Art & Engineering

Delve into this playful exploration of how artists and engineers have sought to capture the the most human of all activities - Art. Study past and present mechanical attempts to capture the artistic process in the operations of simple and complex machines before building  your own art-making automation.

Drawing Machines: The Unexpected Intersect of Art & Engineering - STEMpunk

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